Project Overview


The Trudeau Center is an agency that promotes an enhanced quality of life for individuals with disabilities. They were looking to update the design for their site to something cleaner and more user friendly.

Project Date

Spring 2015

My Role

  • UX Design
  • UI Design

The Process

Research & Wireframing

After interviewing the client and looking over their content it was clear that content needed to be restructured and organized into a more meaningful way. It was determined that the main goal of the website was to advertise the agency's mission and promote their community involvement and events. I structured the homepage in such a way that it would really drive these key points home with large supporting imagery and a feed of community events. Accessibility principles were of high importance for this project so WCAG definitely influenced design decisions and how the site would flow, which were outlined in the user stories.

UI Design

After wires and user stories were put together, the UI design was a pretty straight-forward redesign. I created photoshop mockups for the landing page and a sample interior page based on the content for their existing site and created a site flow for how the new hierarchy would be organized.

The homepage design