Project Overview


Version 1.0 of this project began about 15 years ago where a close friend of mine created an extremely innovative music streaming service that was a place for friends to upload and share their music. There wasn't much of an interface to it and was largely abandoned due to copyright concerns, but the algorithms behind the scenes were very impressive at learning what a user enjoys listening to. We have recently revived the project to give it a killer UI and aiming to make it one of the best streaming apps available, however at this time I cannot share too much information on the project (I cannot even reveal its name).

Project Date

In Progress

My Role

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Front-End Development


Most music services do a poor job at best at truely managing your library while giving you recommendations for new music that are relevant to your interests. My partner and myself have tried every streaming service out there, and we feel that not one of them meets the standards a streaming app should live up to. The goals for this application are:

  • To have exceptional library management and organization of playlists, albums, artists and individual songs in a way that is fun and intuitive.
  • Being able to easily share and recommend library items with other users of the platform.
  • Finding new music for a user that they will enjoy based on number of different key metrics.
  • Giving a user some freedom to customize what the UI looks like to a certain degree, if they so choose.

This will be an application for true audiophiles.

Research & Wireframing

Currently we are dividing our efforts into two different paths. While my partner focuses on doing some of the initial heavy lifting on the backend to evolve older components into the new iteration of the app, my sights are set on designing how the data will be served up to a user.

When we started to revive this project, I began by putting together some wireframes at a very high level to illustrate the main components of the app and how they would behave, placing the most focus on the library management tools. I prepared a walkthrough demo for my partner to highlight the features that set this apart from most audio apps, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. I also created some early concept screens to start fleshing out some of the UI and tease the direction I want to take with the creative. All I can share at this time are some of the more standard UI component concepts:

Early concepts for the music player, active playlist, and artist page.