Project Overview


Providence College reached out to us to redesign their public facing website, which we had previously redesigned about 3 years prior. We had already worked with the team that was behind the project on their end so it was easy to hit the ground running and dive straight into things.


Design and develop layouts and components for the PC website and migrate all content over within a relatively tight deadline. There was a massive amount of content that needed to be integrated into the new design with responsiveness and accessibility in mind.


Research & Wireframing

First we had to identify the pages that would not be coming over into the new site. The PC team had collected a lot of analytics that helped determine what areas of the site would be restructured so users could more easily find important content, as well as the things that did & did not work with their current design. The UX team took all this information and we began to plan and wireframe the hierarchy of different sections of the site. We outlined key components and how they would interact with the user in low-fidelity interactive wireframes.

Layouts were categorized as landing pages, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, and variations/special cases to be used throughout the site. After we had everything accounted for, it was time to start designing and building.

Design & Development

After our groundwork was complete, we focused primarily on the overall visual design of the site. I worked to integrate the design into responsive layouts and focused on building out the components outlined earlier. I then worked with back-end developers to assist with any design changes or to advise on how something should work.

Landing Page Design
Interior Tier 2 Page
Blog/News Landing Page
Tier 3 Layout

Content Migration

After the design and build phases were complete, we then joined the client onsite for several weeks to aid in both demonstrating how to create new content and helping to migrate content from their existing website to the new one.

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