Project Overview


This project was for a web-only application for Middlesex Savings Bank run on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform as a custom site. They already had a mobile application and were interested in building a public-facing website where users could log in and perform all their banking needs.


UI Design

My role for this project began after discovery and design mockups were created, so I was not involved in any of the UX work done up-front. I began by taking the photoshop mockups I was given and breaking out the different styles and components into a styleguide and component library. Throughout the UI design phase there were also many new features and components that were added beyond the original design.

With this project, design and development were essentially running at the same time so I was constantly collaborating with platform developers and maintaining a solid line of communication so both teams knew exactly how everything would function and questions would be answered before anything was built.


At the end of each sprint we would run testing sessions on the components and/or pages that were built where they were evaluated and either passed or revisited for modifications. I would then present the completed work to the client where it would be subject to more testing and reviewed for feedback.

Tier 2 Interior Page
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